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Active Directory: Permission


1) I need the opinion from experts for this questions
2) As a network administrator you have been requested to move a printer from your company's Marketing OU to your company's Research OU. After the move you test the printer and find that the local administrator assigned to the Marketing OU still has access and can remove print jobs from it. What can you do to change this?
# A: Remove permission for the local administrator from the printer
# B: Remove printer permissions from the local administrator
# C: Remove the Everyone group from the printer
# D: Delete the printer object

3) My answer is # C: Remove the Everyone group from the printer; but i am still not sure; would you experts provide the opinion and explanation

4) Thanks

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I agree - if the Everyone group has been granted full permissions - then anybody can access it and manage print jobs.
Indeed ... Everyone should not have full access.

1. check the rights to ensure that the Marketing Administrator has not been given explicit rights, if he/she has, revoke them.
2. Ensure that Domain administrators have full access along with the appropriate Research OU administrators.

what you want is:
Domain Administrators - FULL ACCESS to ALL Printers and jobs
OU Administrators - FULL ACCESS to departmental printers and jobs only.
Everyone Group - LIMITED ACCESS to remove/cancel their own jobs.

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