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Cisco 3750 enable password not working.

Maquinaloca asked
I need assistance accessing a Cisco 3750 catalyst switch. How do I break into the switch to change the enable password? I have access to the switch via console.
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Senior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012
ernie beat me to it, but this should work. I use it alot in my labs when I'm away from them and forget the passwords...I need to start writing them down but it's good traning for real world.
Ernie BeekSenior infrastructure engineer
Top Expert 2012

Photo finish ;)

follow these steps:

Connect the PC to the console port

9600 bits
8 data bits
‘none’ parity
1 stop bit
If the switch is powered on, power it off and press and hold the mode button while you power on the switch again. Hold it for about 15 seconds until the SYS led is solid green, then release it.

The switch should then give you this prompt


To initialize the flash file system, run the command

switch: flash_init

The switch will now print a bunch of messages about the flash memory, hopefully one of them will be ‘done initializing flash’.
The next command is load_helper to load any helper images required by boot.

You can now list the contents of your flash by running dir flash:
There should be a file named ‘config.text’, you can rename this file

switch: rename flash:config.text flash:oldconfig.backup

To further boot the switch run the boot command, this will start the boot you are used to. When the switch is booted up, you will realize that the configuration is gone.. But you are enabled on the switch now.

To recover the old configuration:

Switch#rename flash:oldconfig.backup flash:config.text

And now to replace the running configuration with the backup

Switch#copy flash:config.text running-config
Destination filename [running-config]?

Press enter, and you will have your old switch configuration back and you are enabled.
Just remember to change your password now! and then save it,