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HP Laserjet 2500 Not Printing

Robert Ehinger
Robert Ehinger asked
We have an HP Laserjet 2500 that has stopped printing. The Go, Ready and Attention lights are all on and solid. I followed the instruction in the manual by disconnecting the power from the power strip and plugging it directly into the wall. I also Turned the printer off and back on and left it off for 15 minutes before turning it back on. Since none of this worked I pressed the Go and Cancel buttons to get the secondary light pattern. This shows the attention and the ready lights on solid but I can not find that particular pattern in the documentation. HP wants me to pay them to advise on this issue but since this is a School printer, I am not authorized to pay for this support. also, I know the principal will want to weigh the repair cosrt against the cost of a new printer.Please advise as to what the problem might be.

Thank you.

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Reseat the toner and restart.  If that doesn't work try a different connection cable.
Check this link out:


The solid 3 lights denotes that one of the toners is not sat correctly.  Remove them all and re-seat carefully.
The 2 solid lights denotes a fault with memory DIMM.  Remove, clean and re-seat the DIMM.

If you have another of the 2500's, you could try swapping the DIMM over from a working 2500 to check that it works before before purchasing.

Good Luck!

Robert EhingerIT specialist


OK, I Reseated the all the toner cartridges and restarted the printer. No luck. I then tried a different connection cable - still no lock. So then I removed, cleaned and re-seated both the DIMMs and tried DIMMs from another printer - still no luck.
Try different toner cartridges.
If the different toners make no differance then that combination of error lights is also associated with a problem with one of the motors for the toners/trays etc.  

I'm afraid theres no clear guidance to help identify which motor may be at fault though.

It may be time for an engineer, note that its often cheaper to begin a maintanence contract with HP rather than a one-off callout for an engineer.

Good Luck

Robert EhingerIT specialist


It looks like the decision has been made to replace this printer. It does appear to be one of the motors.