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Mirrored drives in Windows 2003 server

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here is an easy 500 points for first responder that answers correctly (or at least what I think the answer is and am worried that I am right)

Scenario:  windows 2003 server with mirrored drives.  The reason I know it is a mirrored drive is because when I go to Device Manager and look at the drives, the bar above the drive is red and says mirrored.  Now, its been a LONG time since I used Windows mirroring (I always went with a hardware solution) but shouldnt the second drive that is being mirrored show up in the disk manager window also?  Or could it be hidden with an option that I dont know about?  I am asking because I did an Acronis backup of the system and when I get ready to restore it it fails miserably when it gets to restoring the Mirrored drive.  The second drive that is not mirrored (there are supposedly 3 drives in the system) restores just fine but the validation and the restore of the C drive are no good. Now when I do the restore part of Acronis it does ask where I want to restore 3 MBR's so I know its seeing a third drive or it thinks it is seeing a third drive.  Anyways, any help you guys might be able to offer to help me calm down my customer would be a big help :-)
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As an after thought I did see that the status of the mirror was healthy and that the overhead was 50% (thats why I dont like windows OS mirroring vs hardware mirroring)


Ok, well, this is interesting.  I am paying each month for help and not one response in over 8 hours?  Maybe its time I move on and cancel my subscription.  this is very disappointing
Both drives will show up in the mirror :

If you only see 1 then the other is offline, check to see what the BIOS sees.

As far as Windows goes.. its a dynamic disk and the boot.ini is what specifies which disk to boot to you can yank a mirror disk and still boot.  Are you running acronis to restore for a specific reason? mirrored-drive.gif
Acronis doesn't work with software raid ,only hardware.

Acronis will have a problem with the Dynamic DIsk type inside of Windows.

When you made the clone image of the server you may have cloned each mirror disk separately - Acronis would see both disks, that may be why you have 3 MBRs

Here are some links to tools to convert a Dynamic Disk to Basic (without losing data - per their claims).
I have not had to use any of these so far.  I chose instead to backup my disk data, Reformat the disks as Basic and then restore data.


This page has some interesting method about modifying some sectors on the hard drive and using Partition Recovery software, in the section 'The second way: Convert to basic disk via using Partition Recovery Software'


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