UPS power down for two servers


I have a APC Back-UPS RS 1500 UPS that has two servers PSU's connected to it. One of the servers is connected to the UPS also via a USB cable which then enables me to use the PowerChutre software so that I can configure it to safely shut down the server if the UPS fails or runs out of juice.

The question I am asking is, is it possible to get the Powerchute software to safely shut down the second server, even though it isnt connected via the USB cable?

Thanks in advance

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I don't think so - the connection to a server is designed for one host running monitoring software.  You would need the equivalent of a remote shutdown command for the second server - you can't split the USB cable, because it expects one host.

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That model is designed for a single computer only.  The server UPS units have a slot for a network card, which attaches to your LAN (or vLAN).  Client software on the servers will receive a shutdown command from the UPS based on your parameters.

You can shut down all at the same time, or shed load in increments to keep the most critical services up for the longer.
cbapartnershipAuthor Commented:
I will look into buying a server UPS.

Many thanks for your advice, it is very much appreciated.
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