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I have to force   boot disk

adv_expert asked
I have a Sun machine with Solaris 8 installed.   It was working fine,  until we had to do a shutdown to move it.

When I wanted to bring it back on line,  the boot process did not complete.

It should boot from the disk by default   but  it tries to boot from the network without even trying the disk
At the OK prompt I did a printenv  to  check the boot device.   The boot device is set to disk,  but it still tries to boot from the net
I also did a test scsi  and probe scsi  and it sees all the disks

So to make it load the OS, I have to enter boot disk at The OK prompt to force it to boot from the disk.

Does anyone know why it's doing that?

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I know this seems counter-intuitive but I've had to rewrite the eeprom before.

Please try this and see if it saves it for subsequent boots

setenv boot-device disk
printenv boot-device

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OK     I will try it
                     I have to schedule a reboot ,  could be today or tomorrow
                     I will let you know the result
Sounds good.
The order of "boot-device=" is important, you can check and change it using "eeprom" command, ie.

# eeporm | grep boot-device

If the output like:

boot-device=net disk

you can change it by

# eeprom boot-device="disk net"

Next time the machine reboot will boot from disk.