Sync exchange public folders to Droid phone

Is it possible to sync public exchange folders to a Droid device?  Does it requires a 3rd party app?  If so, what is one that is known to work?

Thanks in advance.
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Madan SharmaConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Public folder sync is not support on Android by default. But as @Adrienne provide you a link to syncs contacts of public folder tool. So there are many third party tool for it

check this link:-
cqr213Author Commented:
This looks like it syncs public folder contacts but I'm actauly looking for something that will sync a public folder calendar.  Any idea if this will do that?
AdrienneSperberConnect With a Mentor Tech Support CoordinatorCommented:
sorry, it appears it is not possible, i don't know if anything in this article will help you:
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