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Exchange Mailbox over 200 GB!

bluesiivv asked
Good Day Experts,

First I have to admit I'm no expert in MS Exchange. That why I'm asking for some help here.

My organization is still running Exchange 2003 w/ SP2. Our aging server has been running out of hard drive space (Or so I thought). Two weeks ago I put up a larger capacity Exchange 2003 server and migrated to the newer server. Everything went smoothly and all is running well.

While moving mailboxes to the new server I had 1 users mailbox reporting over 200+ GB in size! I finally canceled the users mailbox move (after 72+ hours of copying) and continued the migration to the newer server. Today I finally had a chance to investigate this huge mailbox.

Here is what's being reported from MS Outlook when accessing Tools--> Mailbox Cleanup --> View Mailbox Size.
   Local Size
 Server Size
As you can see there is clearly some corruption/issue with Deleted Items. ESM on the server also reports the mailbox is over 200+GB.
I'm appreciative of any suggestions on how to resolve this. Once I get this 1 mailbox moved to the new server I can take the older server offline!

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Can you logon to the mailbox and empty the deleted items using Outlook? There are several options if this doesn't work:

1. Perform a repair on the database using eseutil (not recommended)
2. Export the users mailbox to a PST using Outlook. Export all except the deleted items. Delete the mailbox, create a new mailbox on the new server and then use Outlook to import the data back into the mailbox.

The database repair is risky and there is no guarantee that it will actually fix the issue.
Shivkumar SharmaOperations Delivery Manager

Those are the deleted items , Change the retention period for deleted Items and Deleted mailboxes to 0 days , by default it is 30 days in mailbox store properties and then make sure to complete online maintainence which will clear that 200 GB of deleted items.



I apologize I left this part out.

I can access the users mailbox via Outlook. I have deleted all items in the Deleted items folder. I have also deleted all items in Outlook using Tools --> Recover Deleted Items.

The local .OST file is only about 80MB

If this is the final user that's holding up the migration, I'd go for the easy option of deleting and re-creating the mailbox as mentioned earlier.
Shivkumar SharmaOperations Delivery Manager

Even though you have deleted items from deleted itmes folder it still can be recovered so make sure it is completey deleted you will have to change the retention period, refer my above comment


Thanks JaredJ1 !

I created a .pst backup of the users Outlook data. Deleted the users mailbox on the old server. Then created a new mailbox on the new server. And finally restored the .pst backup. Now both Outlook and the new server are reporting an accurate mailbox size.

Thanks again!