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Auto Sending mail through Webmail & Outlook 2010

padas6 asked
I want to send a test mail in certain time interval.

Please let me know how can I configure through Outlook & Webmail.

Note : I have alredy configure auto forwarding from gmail account.
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Kennyboy5IT Support Analyst

I know when you create an email in Outlook 2010 and then go to the 'Options' tab at the top, there's a 'Delay Delivery' button. Is that what you mean?




No I want to send auto mail which can trigger at certain time frame say for every one hour.

I want to test a external mail flow from my organization to gmail account, from gmail i already configured auto forwarding so when i send a mail immediately it will auto forwared to my exchange id.

so insted of sending evenry one hour I want to make it as a schedule. :)
Kennyboy5IT Support Analyst

Don't think Outlook can do that without a 3rd party plugin.

Top Expert 2012
This can be done simply using a Bat File
Create a Bat File using the following


c:\mapisend -u "outlook" -p anything -r RecipientEmail@domain.com -c SenderEmail@domain.com -s "Email Subject" -t c:\EmailBody.doc

To Populate the Body of the Email you will need to create a Word Doc.
Type in the details of the email you would like
Save it to local Drive somewhere
Root of the C: Work good
Could also uses Temp Location i.e. c:\Temp\EmailBody.doc

Once you have created you Bat file
Add it to scheduled tasks

When it runs, you will be required to Allow Access to MapiMail\Outlook
By clicking on Allow

However, you can overcome this security issue by installing Click Yes


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