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Set Processor Affinity for the Java process

I have 8 CPU computer running Windows2008.  For testing purpose, I need to run my java process using different number of CPUs.  Using the Process Explorer tool, I set the affinity for my java process to run on CPU=0 and Core=0.  When I examine the “System Information-CPU” window, I can see that my process still running on 1,...,7 CPUs (on 1st and 2nd cores).  

I cannot understand why my java process is still running on these CPUs.  Is it possible to set processor affinity for my process, to guarantee that my process will be running only of predefined number of processors?   Is it possible set this parameter as a JVM parameter or as an Environmental variable from the command line.  Please review the attached file for more detail description.
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Awarded 2011

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