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Rotate hundreds of jpg & png images : mass method or script

Refer to an earlier EE thread id 37239455  which
I requested for mass conversion of jpg/png images
to a multi-page tif file.

For this thread, a quick / mass method of rotating (90
degrees clockwise) a number of jpg & png files is
needed.  To do it one by using using an image editor
(eg MS Photo Editor or SnagIt Editor) is too time-
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You can do this in BATCH mode with FREEware program IrfanView.

Download link for IrfanView is:


Well you need to open IrfanView and slect File menu and then choose option Batch Conversion/Rename.

The image is:

The next window will be opened:

I choose some EMF files by selecting and pressing the Add button or easier way is to double click on the image file and it will be added automatically, and for the output files I will set EMF and Work as: Batch conversion.

Then press the Advanced button and you will select only the rotation of your images.
In this way there will be no conversion by quality or size conversion because all these Options are not enabled. The only enabled Option is a Rotate right ( clockwise ).
Then you press OK button:

And then press a Start Batch button.

So, that is all you need for fast rotating your files.

If you need a Portable version of this FREEWARE IrfanView that has all plug-ins and you don't need to install it, then download this from:








Lossless jpg rotation using "File==> Thumbnail --> select Files
to rotate ==> File --> LossLess Operation ==> Rotate 270" right "

ie  http://www.irfanview.com/faq.htm#Q6

Q: How to use JPG lossless operations (Rotation, IPTC, Comment) in batch mode?
A: Start the Thumbnail window, open the folder with JPGs, select many JPGs and see in thumbnail menu File for JPG Lossless Operations -> Lossless transformations with selected thumbs. Note: The auto-rotation option works only if the EXIF orientation tag is properly saved (not top-left).

Yes, it is possible for JPGs. But what is with JPGs mixed with PNGs as you asked before ?

One thing that I don't like in this conversion - OVERWRITING:

 Overwriting the images
OK, of course, I can make a BACKUP of original images ... but, why do I need to do some additional job?