Trying to configure Citrix Report Center getting error "The selected databse is not a Resource Manager summary database"

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to configure Citrix Report Center getting error "The selected databse is not a Resource Manager summary database" The Server is Windows 2008 I have SQL 2008 Express installed. Citrix is XenApp 5.0 using a .mdb datastore for the farm. I created a new database using SQL Server Management Studio and named it rmsummarydatabase I have mix mode authentication configured and have tested with both. I have also configured the log properties for the server farm. I have set them to use the rmsummarydatabase and have tried both mixed modes. When setting everything up and clicking test connection everything passes and completes. I then go to Report center and click generate report. I am testing with Application Usage Report. I click next "create and use a new specification" click next. Give it a name and click create. I select MS OLE DB for SQL Server click next. Give it Server name and authentication method (i have tested with both) click allow saving password (tried it without that checked too) I selec the rmsummarydatabase database click Test Connection and it passes. Click okay then click Next and thats when I recieve the "The selected databse is not a Resource Manager summary database" I have tried everything and searched all around google. I believe the security and permissions are set correctly on the rmsummarydatabase but I'm not a SQL expert. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My boss would like to get this working to generate reports for our farm.
Abacus ITAsked:
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Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
I believe you are missing 2 steps that I can't see in your description of your configuration.

First you need to create the dsn on one of your XenApp servers. From the ODBC create a dsn  in the users dsn tab exactly as rmsummarydatabase all in lower case and with no spaces. And test connectivity to the database.

Second in the Advanced Configuration management console click on resource manager in the left pane and select the Summary database. There you need to configure it with the XenApp you created the dsn on and sql user login. When you test you should get the following 4 greens:
1. server is up =green
2. summary database software ok =green
3. dsn defined =green
4. database accessible =green
Abacus ITAuthor Commented:
Sorry I forgot to post that. I have went into control panel > Administrative tools > ODBC Data Source Admi and under System DSN created a new System DSN named is rmsummarydatabase configured it to use sa authentication (but tested it with both) selected "change the default database to" rmsummarydatabase which was listed in there. tested passed but still no luck.

I am not sure you are speaking of the same version. If I open Xenapp Advanced Configuration management console. It tells me the feature you have selected is now administered using the Access Management Console. Which I believe I have already configured when I did the following. "I have also configured the log properties for the server farm. I have set them to use the rmsummarydatabase and have tried both mixed modes. When setting everything up and clicking test connection everything passes and completes" I could be wrong though or still missing something.

Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
I realize that you have created the dsn in the Systen DSN tab. I think you need to create it in the User DSN tab. One more thing you need to ensure that the account you are using for connectivity in the dsn should have db owner rights on the database in SQL.
As for the version, Advanced configuration management console is used in XenApp version 5. The merge of the management consoles happened in later versions.
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Abacus ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for your reply. I have configured the DSN under the User tab now. I have switched the owner of the database to the sa account I am configuring everything else with. When I open Advanced configuration mc I do not see resource manager how can I add it or am I missing something?
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
Just to make things straight. First what version and FP of XenApp are you using and on what Windows platform is your farm installed?
Second, rmsummary database cannot be created on SQL 2005 express; however, I am not sure whether it will be supported on SQL 2008 express.
This information is important to support you further.
Abacus ITAuthor Commented:
I believe it's XenApp 5.0 with the regular FP installed for Advanced Edition. Its a Windows 2008 32bit server. Is there a way I can check for sure as I am not the person who built this server and can't find this information. Also I have tried the rmsummary database on SQL 2008 as well (not just express). Thanks again for your help
Ayman BakrSenior ConsultantCommented:
I did some research on the topic. The resource manager uses some features of the Windows OS server to operate. Microsoft has changed a lot of features/architecture in Windows Server 2008 that no longer supports certain features within the Advanced Configuration Management console. The resource manger is available in my case because I am using XenApp 5.0 on Windows Server 2003 OS. As resource manager of Citrix is not supported on Windows Server 2008 platforms, Citrix provides for reporting and monitoring on Resource Manager (powered by EdgeSight Technology).
Thus in your case the conventional way for configuring rmsummary database WILL NOT WORK.
I am therefore attaching the pdf document which will help you set up the Edgesight server for Resource Manager Reporting and monitoring. Finding-EdgeSight-Documentation.pdf

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