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PDF opened in Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard does not open at full size

drock1978 asked
I am having an intermittent problem where sometimes if I open a PDF in Adobe Acrobat 8, It will not let me maximize the file to fill the entire screen.  The computer is running Windows XP SP3.  I have already uninstalled the video card driver (nVidia Quadro FX4600) and installed the latest video card driver and this did not resolve the problem.
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That is a problem under Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard.

Try first open Adobe Acrobat 8 and then choose a Edit menu and then Preferences.
Then select under Categories a Full Screen and check does it look like as on this image bellow:

These checked options work so I can view a document in a Full Screen mode.

If a everything is OK then may be a fault only in some PDF files that are configured with some restrictions.



Something you could try.
Maximise Adobe when open, then goto the bottom Windows taskbar, minimise it, then drag the bar up or down, then goto Adobe, double click on main active top bar (usually highlighted) then see if it changes the size, make the window either smaller (two boxes) then double click on the (minus icon, single box or double box, or x) double box button on the top right hand corner, then see if the issue is resolved.

From memory it might be a glitch in Windows desktop settings, used to have it with XP and older os/s a few years back from time to time.

Option you could try is to download Windows XP Power Toys, then install it, check and have a look in the display options.


Called TweakUI for short, only works on XP, (shame Microsoft never released it for Windows 7 - loved this program!)


There is an solution that always help me in Adobe Acrobat 8.
Simply open Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard and select Help menu and choose a Repair Acrobat Installation:

PDF 8 Repair
It will take 10-15 minutes and after that restart PC.

And then open some PDF file and try to check a Full Screen.




This resolved the problem.