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Why does Acronis not recognize my USB HD when recovering?

I have install Acronis True Image Home 2012.  Backups finish successfully to the new ADATA SH93 500GB external HD.  When I boot the machine using the Acronis bootable media and attempt a recovery from the USB drive it does not show up.  Once I enter the recovery console within the bootable media first thing I'm given an error stating "failed to read from sector '128' of hard disk '1'."  My options are to retry, ignore all...  Ignore all is the only thing that lets me go any further.

If I enter the disk management utility within the boot media I can see the hard drive however it states not initialized.  The external drive is formatted using Fat32.  

I have tried the same process using Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 with the same results.  I have attached this drive to multiple machines and OS's and they all are able to see the data with no problems.  I've also performed a check disk and a Seatools test of the HD and everything reports OK.  The HD itself shows no signs

Thank you in advance.
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Aaron TomoskyDirector, SD-WAN Solutions

Is it a usb3 port? I've had problems where Acronis doesn't have the usb3 drivers and I've had to use another port.
Director, SD-WAN Solutions
Not the drive, the computer. Since you are booting off the Acronis media it needs to have drivers for the ports in the computer. Last I checked, Acronis still deny include the rensis USB 3 drivers. So even though windows has the drivers and can make the backup it's possible the cd doesn't have those drivers.

So check if the PC has USB 3 ports and try to use one that isn't. Usually a safe bet is one that is USB/esata


Both of the machines have 2.0 ports.


No resolve other than to stop using this drive and try another.  No issues with another drive.  Points are for your efforts.  Thank you!