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Reinstalling Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 after reintalling Server2003

Had to reload server on larger drives. When I reinstalll Symantec Backup Exec 12.5 Rev 2213 do I need to reinstall the remote agents to the other servers or just repush the install over the exisiting one? Or do I need to uninstalll off the other servers then reinstall?
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You shouldnt need to re-install the remote agents. If they are already installed then they should be fine. What you may need to do depending on if you are changing the name of the server or not is the publishing option in the remote agent.

See screenshot below for what I mean.
Screenshot didnt attach sorry.

If you are rebuilding with the same name and IP address then you will be all set.


Ran Enviroment Check installing Backup Exec comes up showing needing Symantec Endpoint manager. Had not installed this before, Is it needed?
No you don't need this installed. I've had this message too. Its an additional feature that is not necessary in order to backup and restore properly. It can be safely ignored.