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FTP Software

TriumphLTD asked
I have a customer who has ftp server for clients to upload files too.  What they would like to know is if there is a piece of software which will create FTP Users, create the desiganted FTP folders and permssions then generate a link to the site.  He would then like this information compiled in one click of a button through a piece of software which he can then send to his customers.  They also don't want other users who access this FTP to see each others FTP folder.  Long and the short, he wants the software to so all the above with one click of a button.  Have seen anything likes on the market.
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I havent seen anything like that I normally use filezilla or you can try
cute FTP pro

Your customer would need to replace his FTP Server software to do this.


if your customer has his site hosted using a commercial control panel you could archive this by using the control panel API , and making a rutine to do this
for example
case CPanel http://www.zubrag.com/scripts/cpanel-ftp-account-creator.php


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