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CA ArcServe product catalog confusion

UncleN00b asked
I want to start off by saying that we are very satisfied with what we have for our CA ArcServe Backup solution so far. We currently use CA ArcServe Backup for Windows r15 with the CA ArcServe Tape Library Module and it's working great for the configuration we have given it.


Suffice it to say it's getting confusing determining which products are components that are simply added to the CA ArceServe Backup application and which products are completely separate applications and which components require which applications. We have CA ArcServe Backup for Windows r15 and the Tape Library Module. We're trying to address the following questions and variables and really aren't sure what components we need for expanding our ArcServe Backup solution:

- We're wanting to back up to disk throughout the week, then back those backups to tape on the weekend.  As of now, we simply back up directly to tape on the weekends.  Given that we have CA ArcServe Backup for Windows r15 and the CA ArcServe Tape Library Module, is it possible for us to back up to hard disk as is?

- We also want to back up our VMWare virtual machines in the same way: Back up the VM's to disk throughout the week, then back up those backups to tape on the weekend.

- We also want to back up our SQL databases in the same way: Back up SQL's to disk throughout the week, then back those backups to tape on the weekend.

I've seen something in the CA literature about D2D, and then also D2D2T. Would we need those given what I've explained? As well, I wasn't sure if we could get the functionality of backing up VM's with a simple module purchase or if that requires us to buy CA ArcServe Central Management application? And somewhere in there I think is a SQL module, but what does that give us above what can be accomplished by using SQL's built-in maintenance plans and just backing up those .bak files?

Any insight someone can offer to this is greatly appreciated. Thanks all! :)
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Do schedule incremental backups of the disk during the week and then full backup ups of the disks on the weekends.
I believe I have found the answer I've been searching for.  A user on Spiceworks has answered with the following very detailed information:

Backup to Disk (or disk Staging) is base functionality within ARCserve Backup - so no additional licensed option or agent needed. And that can be standard File System device or Dedupe device. (refer to the Staging Policy for configuring when the disk based backup gets copied to tape via the migration job). r16 adds Synthetic Full Backup so you may want to explore that too. The Backup that goes to disk/dedupe can be used for restore too.

FSD or Dedupe can be a target for VM Backups too - do you have agents on the VM's or are you doing VMAPI based backup? ARCserve offers Guest and or Hypervisor Host based licenses for VM's (ESX/Hyper-V/Cisco XEN)

SQL will also work - (with ARCserve SQL agent if you have that, or flat file backup if the DBA is exporting SQL as a flat file).

ARCserve D2D is a seperate product (and licensible) that performs SNAPshot backup, and self manageges full and Incrementals (refered to as Infinite Incremental) to a disk location and can integrate with ARCserve Backup to get those backups to tape. (Ypu can do D2D2T and now D2D2C where c is cloud with ARCserve base functonality)

There is both a SQL Agent which just backups up SQL and a SQL or "DB Module" - The module includes Base ARCserve plus all the capability of the Essential File Server Module plus all the different Database Agents ARCserve supports).


Wow, what an incredibly relevant, accurate, and detailed response!  Thank YOU TANRO02!

I fail to understand why CA cannot clearly illustrate what features their products have as well as what features are shared between which products thereby making it easier for an admin to understand what will work for them.  Much kudos and thanks to TANRO02 at Spiceworks for this information!  ARCserve Backup has served us very well and I must say I'm having a much better time with it than Backup Exec.  Aside from their very confusing product catalog, we're really quite content with the results from CA!  Hopefully, this helps someone else who is just as confused.


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