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I am getting a rash of this error on just about all of my pc's with win7 pro and office standard 2010.  I am running Server 2008 R2 standard.  These excel files that are giving me issues are shared on the server.  I have removed the Symantec Endpoint client on one client and it made no difference.  This client has no antivirus installed and continues to get this error.  I have installed unlocker on this same system and unchecked the detail pane within windows explorer.  I have not found anything that will stop this issue.  Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
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Have you used the "Shared File" option in Excel? It's risky to do, but it's one choice.

OK, sorry, I missed what you typed in your message, you have shared them already..

This seems to be a common problem within the Win 7 environment.  We are striving to find a fix for it, but if you close down the explorer window and re-open it, it sometimes fixes the issue



I do not understand what is meant by closing down the explorer window.  
Hi Grognor,

you can try to find which process has opened the file using the handle tool from SysInternals: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896655

I do not understand what is meant by closing down the explorer window.  

>> should be the "Windows Explorer", the same is represented as explorer.exe in the process-window of the task-manager

Alternatively, you can close\kill all the explorer.exe and re-launch them.

Note: The last explorer.exe will also remove your desktop (active-deskop)...but still you can have them back by launching the task explorer.exe from the same "Task Manager"
I agree,
I see this same problem
seems Windows Explorer has a hold of it somewhere  through the inbuilt programs, that maybe what is the key, windows 7 GUI includes a lot of software inbuilt.
to further explain it
what I do is open the taskmanager
ctrl alt del or r/click the taskbar>start taskmanager
put it on processes if it is not already
 then highlight the windows explorer not internet explorer
 hit end process
the desktop dissappears but the taskmanager stays there
then go to file top left
new task run
type in explorer in the panel and press ok

I have looked and looked to find out what causes this in my events but there is nothing
that seems to points to this .
This is not an ideal solution but for the time being it is the only one I know apart from performing
a clean install.

ok I managed to recreate one,
what I did was go to events and save all my events logs as TEXT
when I attempted to open it I received the message it being used so I opened my taskmanager while this error is still up and in the running tasks I found a new one called
so I highlighted it and ended it, then returning to my error still on the desktop I pressed ok and then re-opened the saved Events logs Text and it opened this time.
Check what is running in your taskmanager when you get the error
note any new running tasks



OK, I have something to look at when we start back up next week.  We are currently down for the holidays.  Thanks for responding.  
Hm - IMO this could have been founud easier with the handle tool I mentioned above ...