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Moving Documents from Shared Inbox

cinamitton asked
We have a shared inbox for customer service with individual
folders for each person.  They want to be able to move incoming
documents form the inbox to their folder and once moved the
document should no longer be available to others from the
inbox.  Currently when someone moves a new document into
their folder it remains in the inbox on other users computers
and they are able to move the same document into their folder.
Are there some settings or coding that can be added to prevent
more than one user from moving the same document from the
inbox into their respective folders?
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Only if they do not have local replica's.


There are no local replica's all users access the database from the same server.
If the database is only accessed via the server then the issue is that the other users view has not refreshed to show that the document has been moved to a folder.

First make sure people are moving not copying.

Next check the inbox folder design and ensure on refresh is set to refresh display not set indicator etc.
This should help to give everyone a true display of the current folder folder.

After that there is alternative options for making a change to the document when it is moved.

One solution could be to make a new button for moving to the folder , maybe an accept button, but instead of moving the original doc it makes a new copy of the document in the database, move it to the folder, and deletes the original.
If anyone then looks at an unrefreshed screen they will just get a deleted document message.

You could also add to the document a authours field with the current users name in it. Only the current authour can then make any change to that document. If you set readers field to nul or an admin only role then no other users will be able to access the doc. Although some difficulty if you do want others to access the doc in some cases.

How critical is it that others cannot access the doc once accepted, High - business issue, or low - just an inconvenience ?
This would set how sure you are of not allowing duplicate access and how dramatic a change you would like to make to the database design.


It is a high business use situation.  Which option would best insure only one user could move the document into his folder?

If there is no need to stop somone else going into the new folder to look at the assigned document then I would stay away from changing reader or author fields as it can make futurte admin tasks a pain.

since this is a high business issue and there are multiple ways that a document can be moved into a folder then there would need to be either a change on how documents are moved to folders. If the Business process is set that mails HAVE to be opened and an accept button pressed then you have only one place to code. If you allow moving from folder selection, choosing folder in the document or drag and drop then you would be increasing the number of places that code needs to be added and tested.

If that can be agreed you can now modify the standard Message form in the shared database to add a convenient button that does everything you need.
Marks the document as accepted as a history. Make a copy of the document, Move to a folder possibly based on @user Name. Remove original document.

Can be acomplished with Formula fairly quickly, if somone clicks on mail after acept they will just get a message document deleted, if they try and drag & drop or use any method not wiithin the business process they will get the document deleted message.

Not elegant, does not allow for multiple ways to move a message,

Just a quick solution to an issue if your not a programmer.

Of course you could get in a programmer to create a specific application for this.


Would you have some sample coding for the button to move and delete the document from the inbox?  Thanks
Sjef BosmanGroupware Consultant

Is the Inbox a view or a folder?
Because the standard mail template offers too much foldering options, you must create a custom template. Also you could employ document locking so only one user can edit the document at the same time. Also consider OpenNTF.org it has a Helpdesk app for Domino for FREE!
In the standard mail template, $Inbox is a folder


The app is using the teammail Template from OpenNtf.  The Inbox is a folder.