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How do I allow workstation to automatically logon to domain through GPO

I have a need to allow certain users within an OU the ability for the computer to automatically logon as a specific domain user. I understand the security implications, however this computer is a kiosk with strict application controls.

The workstation is running Windows 7 Pro and the server is Windows 2003 Standard.

I have multiple workstations involved and do not want to edit the registry locally on each machine for this task.

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Use group policy preferences to set the registry values.
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You can use group policy preferences to update the registry  this is the setting I've used in the past but haven't tested with 7  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/324737

More on GPP


You can use gpp since you have windows 7 boxes, xp will need the client side extensions

more on gpp here   http://www.gpoguy.com/Portals/0/Group%20Policy%20Preferences%20Overview.pdf


You may not be able to access the required settings from the 2003 server unless you have an adm template to add on the required registry keys so the best option may be to install group policy manager on a windows 7 computer and connect to the domain to manage a new policy.

Here is a guide for what you are trying to accomplish.