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Exchange 2003 - Can't delete appointment from calendar

bjennings asked
Hello Everyone,

I have a user who cannot delete a specific appointment from her outlook 2007 calendar.  The message she gets is
 "cannot open this item. Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try again."  She shared her calendar out to me and I get the same error message too.  I also logged into OWA as her and tried deleting the appointment and still got the same error message.  Since I am getting the error message in OWA I am thinking this could be on the exchange server, but I am not sure where to look.  She does not have any issues creating or deleting other appointments, it is only this particular one.  Also no other user has had any issue deleting appointments from their calendar.   Has anyone experienced this before?    You should also know we are running exchange 2003 sp2 and Outlook 2007.


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Thanks for your help, but I was able to open the appointment!!  For some in the required attendee field had this person's name was entered in over a thousand times....I think this is what was locking it up.  I am not sure why it would not let me go into the appointment before, but it is finally gone.

Thanks for your suggestion!



I was able to open the appointment up in OWA and delete it.