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Exchange 2003 - Recovering a mailbox when the user has been deleted from Active Directory

AndrewLeg asked
We currently use Exchange 2003 within our domain.
I was recently asked to recover a mailbox of a user that left the company over two years ago.
Fortunately i still had the relevent backup tapes and was able to restore the store to the Recovery Storage Group.
Normally i would now click on the mailbox required within the recovery storage group and use Exchange tasks to move the mailbox.
However, this is not possible in this instance as the Active Directory account for this particular user was deleted a couple of years ago.
How can i get access to the restored mailbox in the recovery storage group when the user account no longer exists in AD ?
Exporting the mailbox to a pst would be sufficient.

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Have you tried just right-clicking the mailbox to see if you can connect it to another user account?

Failing that it looks like you can use exmerge to move it around:

Madan SharmaConsultant

you can export the user mailbox to pst using exmerge from recovery storage group and create user and upload the pst via outlook to new mailbox

here is the process how to recover a single mailbox from recovery storage group
If the mailbox is not available then you cannot recovery the data.
check this.


However you can try to conenct the RSG mailbox by following this.



Worked perfectly, thanks.