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Clear Sybase Log Database


I recently noticed that when running df-k on my Sun Solaris Server, the mounted disk where Sybase is installed is 98% full.

I can start the Sybase Database processes but I would like to clear the log database as this is taking up all the space.

mapped directory /export/home/sybase/ is also empty. Any ides?

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I'm not sure what you're asking - there is no "log database" but every database has a transaction log, and usually the log is defined on its own set of devices.

Sybase ASE preallocates everything. When you say "hey, create me 1Gb of empty database please" then "df -k" will show 1Gb has been consumed. Sybase will then slowly fill them up but that's only visible within Sybase. From the O/S level it looks 100% utilised.

If those files belong to devices in use by databases, you cannot remove them and you cannot shrink them. The only way to reclaim that space is to drop the database(s) using those device file(s), then drop the Sybase device(s), then delete the files.

Basically you're using the wrong tools and looking in the wrong place. There's no point using Solaris tools to ask Sybase questions as the answers are very misleading. That "98% full" might actually only be 1% genuinely full at the database level, but you can't see that at the Solaris level.

If you want to know if you can delete it, run (in Sybase) "sp_helpdevice" and see if that file(s) is currently in use.


Was not a complete solution. Still unresolved