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movie maker reverse and forward

in live movie maker, how do you edit a movie so that, for example, if a person is going up a ladder, that it can be reversed to go up, then down, then up again? Kind of like the commercial where some one does a goofy dance and you repeat it several times forward and backward to embarrass them?
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It can't be done within live movie maker or any version of moviemaker simply that is
but you can do it by capturing the screen from the end of the area you want to reverse like a stop motion
capture each step with screen shots for each step and then add those back into the time line at the end so that they play in reverse like a clip
In windows live the capture tool is at the top, I suggest you make a new folder on your desktop give it name and save everyclip to that.
There is plugins to download but this is free
see it in action here
and here
using avidemux

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got sidetracked by other things. This looks like a lot of work, but appears to be the only way to do it in windows. I'm not a intense movie maker, but I was looking for how to do this. thanks for your answers.