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Clone wordpress sites

My developer has had one hell of a time finding a cloning solution to clone our wordpress sites at www.tedpenner.com, www.frugalmule.com, and www.tosrport.com for new developers to access. All sites are hosted by bluehost.

The idea is that when someone needs access, we go in click clone, and then give them access to the site. This way they are working on a copy of the site and can't mess up the original site. When they are finished and we have been able to replicate their progress on our site, then we either leave it for the next project, or replace it with a new clone.

We thought we had a good cloning solution at manage.wp.com but it has some issues. My developer may clarify this post on my behalf.

Assistance is greatly appreciated in coming up with a viable solution for cloning.
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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.


How exactly are they working on a cloned copy?  Where does it/would it install?

All you need to do to clone a WordPress site is:

1) Make a copy of the web directory
2) Make a copy of the database
3) Edit the copied wp-config.php to point to the copied database
4) Edit the Settings | General to get the right URL in the new copy

Now the tricky part is if this is on a live web server.  If so, you need to make sure you have a way to browse to the site to work on it either a testing domain name or an IP address.  If this is for a local server (e.g. WAMP, XAMPP or similar) then life is a little easier.
duplicator was one of the solutions we tried. it looked very promising but it missed a good bit of the duplication process, things that were not where it expected them to be.

thinking about trying xcloner. anybody out there using it?

Have you looked at Backup Buddy yet?



xcloner has turned out to be a great solution, highly recommended. Backup Buddy costs $75 for only two websites. That is certainly not a viable solution.


We got this, accepting own question