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MacBook Air 2010 -- hidden files

d4nnyo asked

I'm running a MacBook Air Nov. 2010 model with a 128 GB flash.

Presently my drive totals 68 GB. But there's only 13 GB free, immediately after a reboot.

I've shown every invisible file, folder, etc (including all UNIX directories) and calculated all folders, and all the folders add up to 68 GB.

Where is the missing 40 GB?

I've also used GrandPerspective and DiskInventory X and everything shows up as expected.

I recently re-formatted and reinstalled the Mac from scratch, including all apps. System should be totally clean.

Would WhatSizeMac show it? I don't want to spend $13 on the software if it's not guaranteed to show it.
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Open disk utility and check to see how the drive is partitioned. When you reformatted, you might have made the partition smaller than the drive and left some free space.

If you right click on the drive icon on your desktop and choose Get Info, what does it show as the capacity of the drive?


One partition.

Get Info: 120.99GB.
Whatsize is your best bet. I think there is a free trial.


The trial maxes at 20 GB.
WhatSize is not likely to show anything that GrandPerspective and DiskInventory X do not see however WhatSize has much more functionality than GP or DI and lists all the files and sizes rather than just showing an image.

You can use UNIX commands in Terminal to get your disk and folder usage

This will show the disk drives on your Mac and how much space is used by each
df -h

This command will show you what space is used by
sudo du -sh *
if you want to sort them by size and scan a particular folder .. such as your home folder
sudo du -shk ~/*|sort -rn

Read more on the du and df feature