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sbs 2008 - dcom 10009 flood

snowdog_2112 asked
Like a million others out there, I've got sbs08 boxes getting flooded with DCOM 10009 errors in the system log.

Is there any way of either fixing the issues, or simply limiting the flood of the events.

The error: DCOM was unable to communicate with the computer <workstation> using any of the configured protocols.

I'm seeing it for many different workstations.  Some have accounts in AD.  I've set the windows firewall via GPO to allow remote admin and f/p sharing per the countless "fixes" out there.

Still seeing a flood of these.
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Yes, I had seen that one several times on several different occasions when I've tried to find a solution.  That is one of the "countless fixes" I mentioned.

I think I have it figured out, in my environment at least.

I started cross-referencing the <workstation name> in the event log against DHCP, DNS, and the AD computer accounts.

I have discovered that all of the offenders are either old computer names that no longer exist, or IP addresses that were once PC's that are now assigned to non-Windows devices (printers, NAS boxes, etc.)

I've been able to account for every computer name as either no longer in service, or on an incorrect IP.

Hopefully this helps someone else out there.  Thanks!


Check the obvious first - compare the computer names to actual live and valid devices on your network!