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Recover another user's offline files?

Schandor asked
Hi All,
I'm trying to recover another user's offline files on her original HDD.  The OS is Win7.  From the looks of my research, simply taking ownership of the CSC folder won't do it.  I can't log in as her anymore to the system.

Does anyone know how to do this?

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Once you have taken Ownership to YOUR username, add yourself the the ACL (on Windows\CSC) "explicitly" as well, granting Full Control. You might be able to copy the contents to another windows 7 box, and then browse them via the Synch Center, after a reboot....

Everyone in a while this worked in XP, by recovering the CSC folder and moving it to a live machine, in which you could use csccmd.exe to extract them.....

I would rename the original CSC folder though, once you get the rights, so as not to interfere with the existing machine.... Or at least make sure that ALL files are synched ONLINE before jacking with them.....


I ended up not needing the solution but am awarding points as it sounds like some logical next steps.