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Newbie question: How to start configuring sharepoint foundation

Mystical_Ice asked

I'm trying to set up an 'employee portal' for employees to have access to company benefits info, contact lists, etc.

Sharepoint Foundation was recommended to me, since it's FREE. I've done very, very little work with sharepoint over the last few years, so i installed it, and it's running (i can log into it and see the attached screen), but i'm lost on how to customize it now.  how to add our logo, etc.

I downloaded Sharepoint Designer 2010, but when i click 'open site' it doesn't see the site, and i'm not sure where to look.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Or if someone is proficient with Sharepoint, i would be willing to hire them.
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Sr. System Engineer
Top Expert 2012
This is a hard question to answer.  Something as simple as adding your logo to the out of the box layout is found in Site Settings (top left corner, drop down).  Also in Site Settings you can see how you can change the "theme" of the site, which adjusts colors ect.

Using Designer will allow you to make even more customizations to the user interface.  You will needs some knowledge of design here.

Setting the infrastructure up is done through Central Administration, the admin site you create when you first deploy Foundation.

I'm available for hire, depending on what you are looking to do.  Click on my name and use the Hire Me link on the left.


Achilles - i don't see your email address anywhere in your profile
Justin SmithSr. System Engineer
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Yeah they don't display it.  However, when you use the "Hire Me" link, it sends an email to me that I will reply to.