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Logon delay Windows2008R2

Dirk Kotte
Dirk Kotte asked
we notice a big delay while user logging on at our W2k8R2 Terminalservers.
the delay from one minute you can see at the debug-log between 19:17 and 19.18
while the debug log are written only one user-logon happened.
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How is the Terminal Server's Hardware?
It is a Physical Machine, a Virtual Machine? how many processors does it have?

Do you have Domain Controllers closer to its Terminal Server? Are the Domain Controllers in the same Network Segment/Subnet?

The Active Directory Sites and services are configured correctly, linking the Subnet to its closer Domain Controller?

When logging, can you see what is the Domain Controller that the people are logging at the moment? (SET LOGONSERVER  should show you, when logged at the TS Server...)

Perhaps a misconfiguration on Active Directory is the rootcause...
Try install the hotfixXA600W2K8R2X64077 from http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX129229. Also make sure you have installed all the recommended hotfixes. There are several reasons for slow logon check this article from citrix.
the TS runns as VM on the top of Hyper-V.
We have 2 or 4 CPU's (makes no difference) and 8 GB RAM.
The DC's are within the same subnet like the TS.
The sites and services are configured perfect.
The logonserver ar the next DC.
All currendly recomended Citrix Fixes are installed -- and we also have the issue with RDP.

I have seen problems like this with buggy logonscripte (wait 30 sec for a keyboard input)
But at the logfiles i can't see something like a waiting script.

No Solution.