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Windows automatically switching between multiple monitors

I am a computer tech that has a customer that has a new Dell Precision T5500 workstation with a dual monitor nVidia Quadro NVS 295 video card running 2 monitors and then we have a Startech USB2VGA USB Video dongle that runs the 3rd monitor.  Everything is working correctly however the customer occassionally is working within a window when the window switches to another monitor.  It's not very consistent and it sometimes occurs when they are using a Windows RDP session to a terminal server.  I have tried updating to the latest nVidia driver and tried updating the USB video card dongle driver, but it still happens, just not as frequently.  I do use a 3rd party program for manipulating the multiple monitor interface called Ultramon, but I have removed that program and determined that this program is NOT causing the problem.  

Any ideas would be appreciated in advance, my next step is to install another nVidia Quadro NVS 295 video card to give the customer 4 monitors, but I really do like these startech USB video dongles and they do support 1080p resolution.  

Thank you,
Shawn - support@nortonks.com
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Try using the native nView application from nVidia to set up the screens - different drivers may have strange effects.
Callandor, I don't have the nView application installed, but I did find the solution.  I will give you credit for attempting to help, because your suggestion may have helped me.

The answer I got was from Startech support, they had chat and did great.

There is a multiple display configuration utility with the Starttech USB video dongle that controls hotkeys for switching monitors, it appears it is easy for someone to hit the combination that tells it to switch monitors, I changed the combo to something hard for someone to accidentally type and so far it appears to have fixed the problem.  Great job Starttech support!!
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software Engineer

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