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VLAN Routing HP V1910

jcwilets asked
We have an HP V1910 switch which supports Layer 3 routing.  We have created 2 VLANS one for voice 192.168.100.X and one for data 192.168.10.X.  Computers on each network can talk to each other but not across which is kind of the point of routing.  The Add static route page gives us an option to put in a network ( I assume it wants an IP) then subnet (easy then a next hop.  The switches next how should be or 10.254 depending on the rule direction but it says "invalid next hop"

What should our routing table look like?
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Top Expert 2011
Do you need the routing to be done on the switch?

If yes, you would probably need to enable routing with this command:

conf t
ip routing
You are probably getting the "invalid next hop" error because it is expecting you to be using an external router's address as a next hop if you are configuring a static route.

As mentioned just having IP routing enabled internally should take care of routing from one local network to the other.

No static route would be needed.