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motherboard problems

JeffBeall asked
i titled this motherboard problems but it's more asking advice because I'm not sure it is the mobo. I have a computer i put together with an Intel dg41rq mobo, and the person i made it for was having problems where the desktop icons would dissapear, and all i had to do was fire up the task manager, kill the explorer.exe process, and launch it again. so it got bad enough were i put a new hard drive in the computer ( so i wouldn't loose her data - hard drives are so cheap ) loaded a fresh install of windows XP pro with service pack 3 - got all the latest drivers from intel - loaded them up - starting with the chipset drivers. but now she is getting a very faint beeping noise, that seems to be coming from the mobo. also the explorer.exe problem is already back again
the thing that gets me about this is i don't see how it could be drivers or windows because it's the latest drivers and a fresh install of windows.
i looked at the logs but i found just svchost things and couldn't find anything more specific.
it seems like in the past with different computers, when i had memory problems, i didn't have these symptoms, same goes with video, and it's a new hard drive. so by process of elimination i just come up with the mobo.
any other ideas?
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Did you boot into the BIOS and check the logs?

Error Message Explanation

PROCESSOR_THERMAL_TRIP_ERROR Processor was previously shutdown due to a thermal event
MULTI_BIT_ECC_ERROR The firmware has detected that a Multi-Bit ECC Error occurred.
SINGLE_BIT_ECC_ERROR The firmware has detected that a Single-Bit ECC Error occurred.
CMOS_BATTERY_ERROR The firmware has detected that a CMOS battery failure occurred.
CMOS_CHECKSUM_ERROR The firmware has detected that a CMOS Checksum Error occurred.
CMOS_TIMER_ERROR The firmware has detected that the system date/time has not
been set.
MEMORY_SIZE_DECREASE_ERROR The firmware has detected that the system memory has
INTRUDER_DETECTION_ERROR The system chassis was opened.
inconclusive. Properly programmed SPD device data is required
for reliable operation.
MEM_OPTIMAL_ERROR The installed amount of memory in Channel A is not equal to the
amount of memory in Channel B. Maximum memory performance
is achieved with equal
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If the motherboard is beeping, then one of the alarms into the BIOS may have been triggered.  Check to see which one in the hardware monitor section.
I have had similar symptoms which was resolved with  a new PSU , sorry not to be more technical but it worked for me
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
>>  also the explorer.exe problem is already back again

I suppose you transferred her data across.  Could well be a virus infection if symptoms are that of missing icons.

As for the beeping check the beeps against the motherboard manual to see if you can identify them.
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did you scan her data for virus and malware?
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With the beep sound check and make sure all the system fans are plugged in, or working and aswell make sure that the chassis intrusion is also disabled in the bios as it could be causing the beeping sound. and with the desktop items i agree with the other guys as it could be a virus.
Lavi ShiffmanConsultant
Before judging the MOBO, and altough your past experience I would look into the Video card and the Memory.  If you use the integrated video sub-system, disable it and try to use an external video card.  If the problem goes away - it is the mobo.  Please also try a different set of memory DIMs.
Hi, re beeps etc, can you count the number of them?
If you have the motherboard manual and/or make model etc, you should be able to cross reference the number of beeps via the support document/page, it should say eg 5 beeps = x problem.
Let me know.


I’m really reluctant to admit this, but what a rookie mistake.
i forgot to load the audio drivers!!
man i'm an idiot, but that took care of the beeping.
the problem of the desktop icons remains though, when it happens it might be a more accurate description to say that the desktop goes blank, and you can't click on the task bar.
i'll scan for viruses, but the thing is i can still bring up the task manager and the virus protection is still running, which in my most recent experience viruses disable both of these things
still it never hurts to scan for nastiness.
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then i would update all drivers for that board to start with
if you make another user account -  does that have desktop icons?  
you can check if they are set to display also : Right-click the desktop, Arrange Icons By, Show Desktop Icons

or a repair installl can help you : http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm
Would suggest for piece of mind;
Check the bios for any cpu protection, set the temperature or make a note of the recommended operational rating, to prevent the cpu from overheating.
At same time do a backup of all and any data which might be important when the pc is up and running (contingency plan).
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thanks for the help