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Why com excel become very slow on  Windows Server 2003 R2

I used php COM to generate the excel file.
From several month ago,
The time to generate the excel file become very slow.
Before like 0-8 seconds, now it show 50-600 seconds.
But it still work, no error.
I think  Windows Server 2003  or office 2007  update may cause this problem.
Not sure maybe some securety .....
I check the task manager the  excel.exe run long time and take lots of cpu.
The same code working fine on win7 so far.

Anyone know why and how to fix?
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Infra Team Lead
Top Expert 2008
Win7 = IIS 7 ( New version )
Win 2003 = IIS 6 ( Old version ) , Server always has A.Virus to scan all docs uploaded or downloaded , Firewall also will cause delay , Win 7 should be your own PC ( Local Machine ) , Please check in a latest Windows 2008 server which is way ahead in RAM capacity when compared to old 2003 ;-) ... Updates and patches will always increse the performance but very rarely removed to fix this one problem in a box.... Give a try in latest win 2008 server in some hosting company with a subdomain for testing the performance...
Praveen DMInfra Team Lead
Top Expert 2008

Or try this if you have access on the box....


( This will edit your registry...A bit risky if your server is old and unstable )
TimSenior PHP Developer


Thanks. I just give up to find the why. I move to windows server 2008 and office 2007.
Everything looks working fine. Thanks.