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Hide IP on devices

rossoneris asked
Is there someway of services that can hide your IP adress. I know I can download for example vpn tunneling software from hidemyass on my pc - but this won´t help on my other devices like NAS, dreambox on my home network

Do I need a small server or is there somekind of services out there, that routes all my traffic, so my IP is hidden no matter what device I have behind my router?
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bbaoIT Consultant

for hiding your IP over any protocols on the internet, normally VPN + NAT is the way to go.

another approach is to visit other sites from remote given web applications, though the things you can do actually depend on the services provided at the remote sites.

what's the background information or business requirements for you to hide the source IP? we need to know this first and work out the a suitable, better solution, accordingly.

hope it helps


I have found a solution by hidemyass.com and than buy a router that supports flash with DD-WRT firmware. So I buy a vpn connection to hidemyass, that the DD-WRT connect to
bbaoIT Consultant

glad to know that.

technically, your solution should belong to the first approach, which is basically VPN + NAT and allows all protocols.

hidemyass.com also supports anonymous web access, which is just the 2nd approach, which allows users to visit other sites via given remote web applications (proxy server here).
Hidemyass I got my money back, as it simply was runnning to unstable. Then found strongvpn.com, which is more expensive, but also there I experienced many timeout when Connected by VPN. Latest, I have used acevpn, whcih run perfect for me and also is cheap. Just my experience about that


own anwser ok