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Copy emails off a driod

I have a droid that was receiving mall via active synch , I no longer have access to that exchange environment i want to get the mails of the phone can this be done ?  
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Not really no.  Mobile phones don't use a cached environment like a laptop or desktop can and store a pst.  ActiveSync is more of an online type of connection.  The only way would be to forward the emails to another email account but that would take forever and you won't be able to send them since you don't have access to the server.

I'm assuming you're not on good terms with whoever the IT is for that Exchange organization otherwise they could just export a pst for you and give it to you.
I may be a bit unclear here, but if the exchange account is gone, those emails ultimately would be too.  It's syncing live with the exchange server.   That would render ANY utility out there unable to access e-mails (again - since they really are not there).  
This would be true as well.  If the user has been removed from that environment completely it's a different story.  If it's just a "you've been fired and now want your emails" thing, then odds are the account is still there.  Usually when users are let go or quit, the account is just disabled, not deleted.  Always a good best practice to keep things around for a certain amount of time just to be sure those emails aren't needed.  
Exactly. Best practice is to disable all accounts immediately. Of course this depends on their manager notifying immediately. But even when an exchange account is disabled (incl AD) this disables access to active sync rendering these emails just "images in an inbox" until actual access is attempted. And that's best case. The norm is when a device tries to access, authentication fails and the inbox is unavailable. I'm not sure of all details here and I believe we may need more information prior to officially determining this.

In either case, they can't just be copied off the device.