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How can I create a CSV file with Sigcheck v1.71?


How can I create a CSV file with Sigcheck v1.71?
I tried:
sigcheck -u -e -v C:\Users
but this is not working.

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Dear hopelonie,

your command "sigcheck -u -e -v "C:\Users" will probably result in the error "No matching files were found." if no executable file is found.
From the sigcheck help: -e     Scan executable images only (regardless of their extension)

So to go through all objects within "C:\Users" and it's subfolders, use the '-s' (without quotes), e.g.: sigcheck -u -e -v -s C:\Users
From the sigcheck help: -s     Recurse subdirectories

To get the result into a .csv file (in this example I use the name 'sigcheckresult.csv' you'd need to redirect the output, e.g.: sigcheck -u -e -v -s C:\Users > C:\sigcheckresult.csv

If this doesn't do it for you, please let use know if you get any error message(s).

Kind regards,
btanExec Consultant
Distinguished Expert 2019
Try sigcheck -s -v c:\users > results.csv for recursive
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Hi both

Thanks a lot!