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Next number in a sequence

LiamMcKay asked
I have an attached worksheet.  I would like to enter a value (the example is 4000 in column A), and the next value from the sequence in column F is returned.  So, in this example, the value of 5000 would be returned to column C).  If I enter 7000, I would like 8000 returned, etc.

I've tried a formula, but it's not working.  Copy-of-Book2.xlsx
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LiamMcKayHead of Technology


ssaqibh: That works really well, could you briefly explain how it works before I close this down?

Match() looks for the value of A2 in F2:F8 and returns the position of that number in the range
Oops submitted early.

Then 1 is added to the position to get the position of the next number.

The index function uses this new position to fetch the desired number.