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Can I run new copy of ASDM (version 6.x) with existing older copy of the ASA IOS (7.x)

chaviscm asked
I am trying to run ASDM but am having problems with Java.  I think it would be simpler to upgrade the ASDM on my ASA instead of troubleshooting JAVA versions on my workstation.   Can I run upgrade ASDM without upgrading my IOS?  I am currently running ASDM 5.0.8 and IOS 7.x......

Any advice would be appreciated
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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security Specialist

Normally, ASDM 6.x is for 8.x versions of ASA ... don't have any 7.x ASAs available at the moment, but you can just copy it to your device (without deleting the 5.x version), activate it in the config, and see if it works ... if it doesn't, just switch back ...
ASDM 6.X requires ASA Code 8.x or higher.

See this link for a compatibility matrix:


Thank you both for your comments -- Garry C, you suggested I simply install the newer version, point to it and see if it works.  Just fyi, I received a message from IOS that the ASDM image is invalid so I could not load it.    jmartineziii, you included the matrix in your link which was very helpful.  In conclusion, you cannot run an older version of ADSM in parallel which an older copy of IOS..

Thank you!