Hi, question relates to a desktop PC running the latest update of WIN XP PRO.   If I lose power to the PC, ups can be on or off, and power is then restored the PC automatically turns on and runs for about a minute and then shuts down.  I then have to push the power on button on the PC and it restarts and goes through a successful boot.  If I kill the power to the PC and then restore it, it does the same thing.  That is. powers itself on and runs for about a minute and then shuts itself down.   Again, if I press the power on button at this point it turns on and goes through a successful boot-up.  This sequence takes place if the PC is plugged into a ups unit, into a surge protector or directly into a wall outlet.  Aside from this the power and reset  buttons work normally.  I would expect this to be a hardware quirk or is there possibly a power option in Xp that could be causing this.  All ideas will be appreciated. Clarke
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When you mention that it powers on and runs for about a minute what is it doing during that minute? Is it going through the normal system checks and beginning to boot to windows, or is it just spinning fans for a minute before it shuts down again?
CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
Opps, sorry about the all caps.
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It sounds like the jumper/switch for the Power button on the motherboard maybe shorting out during the automatic restart because if press the Power button again it boots properly.
What is the model and manufacturer of the computer?
i would try these :
-reset the bios : remove AC cord and bios battery for a minute, or use bios reset jumper
-test with another power supply
-check mobo for bad caps (what model is it, or pc model?)
another option : test the bios battery, it should read 3 V for a CR2032 -  or replace it
I have seen this with some Dell models. When power is supplied to the computer it will do a quick systems check spinning the fans up, and discs, but not actually powering on for a full systems boot.

Have you gone into the BIOS and checked the power management settings. This is generally done by hitting F2 on the BIOS prompt screen. Look for a section called something like Power Management and a submenu of AC Recovery. I think the default setting is Off which would explain why your computer is not booting after power has been restored. You may need to change that to On if you always want the computer to power on when power is restored, or Last if you want to computer to return to whatever the last state was when it lost power.

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Checking in with your status. Was the issue the BIOS settings? Did that resolve your issue?
CLARKESRAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the followup..  However, I had to leave the location where the PC was sooner than i thought.
As such I will not be able to try the BIOS change until i get back there after new years.  Based on the other checking re the condition of the PC I believe that the BIOS setting will be the solution to the problem.  Thanks again, Clarkesr
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I believe that this is most likely the BIOS setting. I think he may not have realized that you need to set the BIOS to recover itself from a power loss.
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