Turn off Outlook autoconfigure

I have an SBS 2011 server that currently is NOT HOSTING E-MAIL.  E-mail currently hosted in the cloud at INTERMEDIA.  I've disabled all the Exchange services on my SBS and everything is fine.    

In preparation for bringing mail in house, I want to bring Exchange on-line with a DUMMY domain and start hosting my fax server. (I'll forward the faxes to the real e-mail addresses- using the dummy domain)

Question is, once I bring Exchange up-- it starts to auto-configure clients on the network.  I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS until I am ready to migrate off the external host.  

With SBS, can I enable Exchange in this manner WITHOUT effecting CLIENT PC's and specifically their Outlook configuration.  
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You do realize that this goes against every question I have ever answered on this forum?  How to properly break exchange?

Well, I would start by pointing autodiscover for your domain out to the hosted exchange server.
mwinickAuthor Commented:
Yes, I know-- but I have a good business case for getting the Exchange server up and running PRIOR TO the migration back to in-house e-mail hosting.  Besides, lots of things don't work in the SBS Wizards with Exchange services disabled.  

I know its more complicated than an autodiscover DNS record, especially for internal logged on domain users.  
You're right, it is more complicated, however, that is the place to start - is getting autodiscover working with the outside exchange server.

Then try disabling the IIS web service, as that is how autoconfigure takes place.

See where that gets you.

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mwinickAuthor Commented:
Hmm, your suggestion would disable OWA, sharepoint, etc... which would be ok until I actually do the migration and have active mailboxes on the server.  But I wonder if it might be possible to just reconfigure the Exchange SBS autodiscover services (in IIS or whervever else it lives) to point to the external host (Intermedia) for e-mail.  

That way, PC's on the internal domain running Outlook won't be affected and I could still leave IIS running.  And then, when I migrate the mail back in house, I would put the autodiscover back to SBS defaults.  
You don't need to disable all of IIS, just stop the website that supports the Outlook Autodiscover.

There are two parts we are dealing with here: Autodiscover, and Active Directory - I'm hoping that we can fix this (or break it, rather) using autodiscover & IIS, rather than breaking it within Active Directory.

Perhaps if you were to delete everyone's mailbox from the server - and re-create them once they are ready to move back over?
mwinickAuthor Commented:
Thx for your fast reply!  Let me try that off hours and I'll report back.  Thx.  
mwinickAuthor Commented:
I haven't fixed this yet-- still have my exchange services disabled.     But eventually I'll look into changing the autodiscover iis-- because it DOES clearly try to reconfigure outlook clients the way it is now.  Thx.
mwinickAuthor Commented:
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