Multiple instances of same printer in Server 2008 R2

Person is running server 2008 r2 standard.  They have a single Xerox 6280 printer, with a multipurpose tray and a regular tray.  This is an IP based network printer.  They print envelopes from the MP tray and invoices from the regular tray.

In server 2003, I was able to create two instances of the same printer, and have one setup with the default tray to be the MPT (for envelopes) and the other instance would be the regular tray.  This way, they could print to either tray by selecting the appropriate "printer" even though they were technically the same one.

In server 2008, it seems when you create the second instance of the same printer, it overrides the first one.

I'm looking to be able to create 2 printer instances, with different settings, pointing to the same physical printer.

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Robin CMConnect With a Mentor Senior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
1) Ports, Add Port, Standard TCP/IP Port, New Port..., Next, fill in printer name or IP address, Next, Finish. Close.

2) Printers, Add Printer, ...using an existing port, pick the port added in '1', Next, pick the driver, Next, Name the first instance of the printer, Next, Next, Finish.

Repeat step 2, giving the second printer a different name.

You now have two printers printing to the same physical print device.
mikeshaverAuthor Commented:
That overwrites the first instance of the printer in server 2008.  Works great in server 2003...but in 2008 it does not.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Did it myself on a Server 2008 R2 server, that's when I the instructions this morning, whilst I was doing it.
I ended up with two printers, Printer1 and Printer2 both pointing to the same TCP/IP port.
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