Can you recommend add-on that works with Outlook that can schedule emails?


Can you recommend an add-on that works with Outlook 2010 that can schedule emails?

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Dont really need an add on
You can do this by creating yourself a bat file to send mail via Outlook MAPIMail

Create a Bat File using the following


c:\mapisend -u "outlook" -p anything -r -c -s "Email Subject" -t c:\EmailBody.doc

To Populate the Body of the Email you will need to create a Word Doc.
Type in the details of the email you would like
Save it to local Drive somewhere
Root of the C: Work good
Could also uses Temp Location i.e. c:\Temp\EmailBody.doc

Once you have created you Bat file
Add it to scheduled tasks

When it runs, you will be required to Allow Access to MapiMail\Outlook
By clicking on Allow

However, you can overcome this security issue by installing Click Yes
well you don't really need any add-on like apache09 wrote but he took it too far I think
 delay delivery
gtrappAuthor Commented:
Eyal, you seem to suggest Outlook 2010 has this capability. I need email an message sent out to a group of people once a month. Does Outlook do this?

Apache09, I will be running this bat file on Windows 7. Will the mapisend take Office 2010 documents, like *.docx? The email needs to be formated nicely, so a plain text won't do. So, I assume formated text in the doc file will be in the email.
gtrappAuthor Commented:
With the MAPISend, I understand that the email is formated so that is good. But, can it run on a Windows 7 machine? Where can I donload?  
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