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Please help me with a batch file to install Internet explorer 8. Currently users are having ie6 installed in the workstations. and also usersa re not having admin account, so the batch file should have the login credentials in which the application should install. Since i need to do for thousands of PC's i require this help.
Thanks in advance.
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If you're doing it for thousands of machines, have you thought of setting up a WSUS server for long term Windows Updates that you control? Just an idea...

As for the batch file, you can download the standalone installer from:
You would then need to put that file on a server where everyone will have access to it. After that you can use PSExec ( to push an install to your systems.

 psexec @comps.txt -s -c -d IE8.bat

Then in IE8.bat just:
IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe -s

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I don't believe a batch file is a viable solution here.  Are you planning to give this batch file (with admin credentials) to these thousands of users?

Are these users in a domain?  I use WSUS + LUP (see to keep our sw up to date.
SureshkumaarAuthor Commented:

Yes we too have WSUS but we are not having access to that and also we planned this for only a particular client project. Any other batch where i can install in user login by providing admin credentials.
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PSExec it to the machines. The only problem you will have is that you won't really know what machines it installed on successfully, only the ones that it was successfully pushed to.
Well then, the first thing I would do is to download the IEAK (  If you are installing IE8, you should download the ieak v8 (not the v9).

Using this, you can customize the options for IE8, including turning off that annoying First Run thing that all users get.  You can also provide the answers to all prompts, allowing a silent install.  When you complete the IEAK, you can use either the MSI or the EXE file generated to do the installs.

There are a variety of solutions for distributing your program, including using GPO, Run As, PSExec, etc.  The downside to these is that there isn't any particular way to prevent the user from trying to use IE while it is being updated.  Also, I believe the update wants to reboot upon completion, which can be inconvenient for users.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
if you install using a group policy from the MSI you create above assigned to the computer it will install during boot before login box appears.  havent specifically done it with ie8 since co-inncided with a desktop refresh project and move to thin client working at some clients but should be do-able... If you dont have any other tools available then a login script could identify machines with ie6 remaining for instance for following up.
You have to do it via WSUS or Group Policy.
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