HOW would i do this? Custom application? Development? Designer?

I'm really not sure how to start looking for this, but it's something that we need to start working on.

Basically our need is this:  We have several dozen forklifts, constantly moving material between rooms.  The rooms are all temperature controlled (the product we work with has to sit in certain temperature rooms).

The problem is sometimes a forklift driver can move a product from the one side of a room to a completely different room.  15 minutes later another forklift driver comes looking for the original product, and it's not in the first room anymore.  He thus mistakenly takes another product, one that he shouldn't be taking.

Not sure if all that makes sense, but we basically need a simple 'inventory location' application, where if a forklift driver moves a part from one room to another, he can update it (graphically) on his screen, and it updates all the other forklifts real-time.

Not looking for anything fancy - hopefully just some ruggedized device that can connect to a database via wireless in the warehouses, and pull the data from it.  Not a laptop, maybe just a 6 or 7" touchscreen or something.

Like i said, i'm not sure where to even start on this, but it's something we need done in the very near future, and I would appreciate if someone could point me in the direction I need to go

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tampnicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you were thinking of a custom application ...

One possibility is an Android phone app. Inventory items can be scanned using bar code/QR code reader with the camera. Then the location can be selected on touchscreen and updated through WiFi to a central server or shared amongst the phones which each contain a copy of the inventory database. The hardware is relatively cheap, the custom programming more expensive. I'm pretty sure I could knock out an alpha proof-of-concept application in a few days, a beta application in a couple of weeks.

Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately the material is molten steel, at 3000+ degrees, so using a scanner is not going to work :)
It would have to be just based on location in the furnaces

I will contact you
Mystical_IceAuthor Commented:
It's actually not letting me contact you... no 'hire me' button
I changed my profile - there should be a hire me button there now. My contact email is in the services offered section

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