Lowest-end Cisco switch with Gbit ports (Layer 2)

sunhux used Ask the Experts™

I only need 8 GBit ports to set up a Backup LAN.
Which model of Layer 2 Cisco switch is the lowest
cost ?   Layer 3 is fine too but cost is the concern.

Ideally the model must come with IOS/Cat-OS that
supports link aggregation (for NIC bonding/teaming
of live-live ports)

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> Cisco WS-C3560-8PC-S 3560 8-PORT Poe Catalyst Switch
Think the above switch has 1 Gbit port only (& 8 100Mbps ports)
so didn't meet the requirement :

The Cisco SD2008T  has 8 Gbit ports but I'm not sure if it can do
"Link Aggregation" for teaming/bonding of servers' NIC ports :
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7 Gigabit ports on copper 1 on fiber.

You also have the compact version 2960CG.

Bot are manageable and cost about 500-600USD
Lavi ShiffmanConsultant
I would recommend a different Cisco switch.  Have a look at series 200 - it has an 8 port 1G models with or without POE.  The price is around 150$ and they support link aggregation.  The models are SG200-08 and SG200-08P - the last one is with POE.


Have a look at page 90 of the 2nd PDF link on this page - it's about the link aggregation feature.
Try this switch

Cisco SG200-08 Switch/Gigabyte

This supports Port Management > Link Aggregation > LAG Management.
SG200 is linksys :) and you spoke about IOS etc. Nevertheless, if it does the job...
Lavi ShiffmanConsultant
shukalo83-- You're wrong - SG200 is a Cisco products that is listed under Cisco name and web-site.

@lavis10 Of course but it was linksys before... We all know what is it about don't we. Technically, I was wrong and you are right. Linksys does not even exists any more.
Anyways sunhux:

Try this switch

Cisco SG200-08 Switch and let us know if it meets your requirement.
Greg HejlPrincipal Consultant

i have a few of the SG200's

go with the SG300 model

Go with WS-C2960G-8TC-L. It's bulletproof.



Guess I'll go with WS-C2960G-8TC-L so as to get a good documented support
of an enterprise-proven product (not a home or small business product) with
industry-wide Link Aggregation protocols
Lavi ShiffmanConsultant
Just take into account that you're buying a switch that was introduced to the market almost 5 years ago.  I'm sure you're also aware that the 2960G is 6 to 7 times pricier than the SG200.



Last query:
can someone point me to the links for the list price (in US$) of the

WS-C2960G-8TC-L   & the
compact version of C2960CG ?
The cheapest I could find.

I've seen it also, with price around 800USD, on Buy.com and ebay.



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