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At our office, some users need to connect to the network from their homes. However, since the internet connections in our country are relatively slow,and whenever some applications on the laptop automatically start "automatic updates", it slows down the VPN connection.

So i need to prepare a script that would check the applications that are "automatically updating" from a list of softwares that we install by default on all our laptops.

I want the script to be able to check which softwares could be automatically updating now (i'm guessing from the registry), and if possible the script should say which applications are currently updating.

I need tools that will help me specify which registry keys show if an application is set to "automatic updates", in other words, a tool that will help me monitor the registry.
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There isn't going to be any specific registry key you can check to see what programs are automatically updating.

Unfortunately, there isn't any standardization at all in this area.  Some programs launch an updater app at login, some check when the program starts, some even do their updates via a service.

The way I've approached this is to disable updates for the apps I know that do this (Flash, Java, etc), then use WSUS + LUP to push updates to the clients when I think they're needed.
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