Tablespace maxsize vs. datafile size

Dear experts,

I just ran into an ORA-01654 error, since my tablespace maxsize was reached.
Hence I increased the datafile size and set it to 4G.
What I'm wondering is whether I also have to redefine the tablespace maxsize to 4G:

Alter tablespace MYTBS maxsize 4000m;

When querying dba_tablespaces I find that maxsize is still at 2000m whereas the data_file listed under dba_data_files is correctly shown with 4000m.

Maybe you can enlighten me with your knowledge!

Many thanks,

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- dba_datafiles does not hold information on the tablespace size, see the doc:

- dba_data_files is the view that holds the datafile size ( the following is the query that i usually used to check my tablespace and datafile size:

SELECT a.tablespace_name, TO_CHAR (a.total_size) || 'MB' total_space,
       TO_CHAR (b.free_space) || 'MB' free_space,
       TO_CHAR ((a.total_size - b.free_space)) || 'MB' used_space,
       TO_CHAR (total_extensible_size) || 'MB' total_extensible_size
  FROM (SELECT   tablespace_name, ROUND (SUM (BYTES) / 1048576, 0) total_size,
                 ROUND (SUM (maxbytes) / 1048576, 0) total_extensible_size
            FROM (SELECT tablespace_name, BYTES, maxbytes
                    FROM dba_data_files
                  UNION ALL
                  SELECT tablespace_name, BYTES, maxbytes
                    FROM dba_temp_files)
        GROUP BY tablespace_name) a,
       (SELECT   tablespace_name, ROUND (SUM (BYTES) / 1048576, 0) free_space
            FROM dba_free_space
        GROUP BY tablespace_name) b
 WHERE a.tablespace_name = b.tablespace_name(+);

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- sorry typo for the 1st sentence above. i mean the following:

- the dba_tabblespaces view does not hold information on the tablespace size, see the doc:
skahlert2010Author Commented:
Thank you for the query and links! Very, very helpful!

I know that dba_data_files does only display information about the data_file.
So resizing the datafile or adding an additional datafile to increase the tablespace size suffices I assume?

Basically the resize can be done at the tablespace as well as at the database level, right?
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"So resizing the datafile or adding an additional datafile to increase the tablespace size suffices I assume? "
- yes it is sufficient. and the resize will reflect the datafile and tablespace.
skahlert2010Author Commented:
Great answer and clarification!

Many thanks for your support!

skahlert2010Author Commented:
Thank you! Question has been answered completely with the last reply!
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