SMTPSEND.OverAdvertisedSize; message size exceeds fixed maximum ?


I'm 'suddenly' getting this message error from Exchange/Outlook when trying to send an attachment greater than 9 MB although I've configured my Exchange 2010 server to use a 30 MB limit everywhere (I've done all of this:

Yet I keep getting this 9MB error!? Anyone have an idea why and how to solve this?

I'm also using a Watchguard firewall but it seems to be the error gets triggered while still this side of the firewall ...

Any help is appreciated!
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Try this..............


To use ADSI Edit to modify the global message size limits

If it is necessary, install the Microsoft Windows Support Tools. For detailed instructions, see Install Windows Support Tools.

Click Start, and then select Run. In the Open field, type C:\Program Files\Support Tools\Adsiedit.msc, and then click OK.

Open ADSI Edit, expand Configuration, and then expand CN=Configuration..., expand CN=Services, expand CN=Microsoft Exchange, expand CN=<Your Exchange Organization Name>, and then select CN=Global Settings.

In the result pane, right-click CN=Message Delivery, and then select Properties.

In CN=Message Delivery Properties, select the Attribute Editor tab. In the Attributes section, locate the following attributes:

delivContLength   This is the incoming message size limit that corresponds to the MaxReceiveSize parameter in the Set-TransportConfig cmdlet.
submissionContLength   This is the receiving message size limit that corresponds to the MaxSendSize parameter in the Set-TransportConfig cmdlet.
msExchRecipLimit   This is the maximum number of message recipients that corresponds to the MaxRecipientEnvelopeLimit parameter in the Set-TransportConfig cmdlet.
To modify an attribute, select the attribute, and then click Edit. We recommend that you set each global message size limit to match the value of the corresponding organization message size limit. In the Integer Attribute Editor, perform one of the following actions:

To remove the global message size limit, select Clear, and then click OK. The value of the attribute will be <not set>.
To enter value for a specific global message size limit, in the Value field, type the value, and then click OK. Valid input values are as follows:
delivContLength   Valid input for this parameter is 0 to 2097151 KB. The default value is 10240 KB.
submissionContLength    Valid input for this parameter is 0 to 2097151 KB. The default value is 10240 KB.
msExchRecipLimit   Valid input for this parameter is 0 to 2147483647 recipients. The default value is 5000 recipients.
Repeat step 6 for each global message size limit that you want to modify.

To close CN=Message Delivery Properties, click OK and then click File, Exit to close ADSI Edit.


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