Cisco Firmware

Would just like to establish the main difference between the two firmware upgrades on a Cisco Access Point and the consquences / issues if any of upgrading from one to the other.

1) IOS Software
2) Lightweight AP IOS Software

Access Points currently use an older IOS Software.
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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
Simply put, with IOS software you can use the AP's as standalone and directly manage them. With LAP you'll need a controller to manage the AP's through that.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
These are standalone WAPS, would using the LAP firmware actually causes issues? The reason I ask is that I have the LAP firmware available but not the standalone firmware as I don't have a Cisco service account.
Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
So I saw in your other post ;)

According to Cisco:

Q. What restrictions are imposed on a Cisco IOS Software-based access point after conversion to lightweight mode?

A. Keep these guidelines in mind when you use autonomous access points that have been converted to lightweight mode:

APs that are converted to Lightweight AP Protocol (LWAPP) do not support Wireless Domain Services (WDS). LWAPP-converted APs communicate only with Cisco Wireless LAN (WLAN) Controllers (WLCs) and cannot communicate with WDS devices. However, the WLC provides functionality that is equivalent to the WDS when the AP associates to the WLC.

Converted access points support 2006, 4400, and WiSM controllers only. When you convert an autonomous access point to lightweight mode, the access point can communicate with Cisco 2006 series controllers, 4400 series controllers, or the controllers on a Cisco WiSM only.

In controller software release 4.2 or later, all Cisco lightweight access points support 16 BSSIDs per radio and a total of 16 wireless LANs per access point. In previous releases, they supported only 8 BSSIDs per radio and a total of 8 wireless LANs per access point. When a converted access point associates to a controller, only wireless LANs with IDs 1 through 16 are pushed to the access point.

APs that are converted to LWAPP must get an IP address and discover the WLC with use of DHCP, a Domain Name System (DNS), or an IP subnet broadcast.

APs that are converted to LWAPP do not support Layer 2 LWAPP.

APs that are converted to LWAPP provide a read-only console port.

The upgrade conversion tool adds the self-signed certificate (SSC) key-hash to only one of the controllers on the Cisco WiSM. After the conversion has been completed, add the SSC key-hash to the second controller on the Cisco WiSM by copying the SSC key-hash from the first controller to the second controller. In order to copy the SSC key-hash, open the AP Policies page of the controller GUI (Security > AAA > AP Policies), and copy the SSC key-hash from the SHA1 Key Hash column under AP Authorization List . Then, with the GUI of the second controller, open the same page and paste the key-hash into the SHA1 Key Hash field under Add AP to Authorization List. If you have more than one Cisco WiSM, use WCS to push the SSC key-hash to all the other controllers.

Refer to the Release Notes for Cisco Aironet 1130AG, 1200, 1230AG, and 1240AG Series Access Points for Cisco IOS Release 12.3(7)JX for details.


So if they are standalone now, I wouldn't convert them.

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